Tone, Tighten- One class at a time


I’m Amie, Yogi-Aesthetician-HolisticHealthCoach-Amatuer-Chef, Lover of written words-DancerOfOldSchoolBlues, NewbieInTheGarden and friend to all those whom I encounter! 






What's all the fuss with this face-Yoga stuff, how does it work, why do it at all?


First of all, your skin and the forty-two muscles in your face need exercise; just like the skin and muscles in the other parts of your body, if you don’t exercise your parts they sag, limp, sink and weaken.


Furthermore, it’s an inexpensive way to lift your face without expensive creams and toxic injections....what are you waiting for?! Let's FaceToneYoga ourselves into firmer, tighter, and more vibrant skin!



Why FaceToneYoga?

FaceToneYoga is a fun way to keep muscles active, alert, and the appearance of your face less stressed while massaging techniques promote collagen production, it's a fantastic way to turn back the clock and fight aging in a natural holistic way.

Much like moving and exercising, your body brings oxygenation to the cells and keeps you fit and toned. Exercising your face and neck is the exact same concept.

Amie’s program is designed with her thirty years of skincare experience, her Holistic Nutrition Certification and Yoga teachings woven throughout each class; the session will leave you with healthy suggestions and helpful hints to carry into your busy life.

When you learn FaceToneYoga it will become part of your daily routine; once you get some of the movements memorized you can do them throughout your day.... at red lights, in the shower, while you’re cooking or gardening - anytime you can squeeze a few in they will benefit your anti-aging mission.

This is so much fun, you can do it with your family and friends, especially while we are all staying home more and living a virtual existence; make it a Happy Hour, a Birthday Party, a weekly class, or just an interesting new break from the reality we are experiencing at this moment in time - you will be thankful you added FaceToneYoga into your life! 

Here's how it works: schedule forty-five minutes on a day that works best for you and your group of up to ten friends, Venmo $45 directly to Amie, she will send you a Zoom code and Password that you then distribute to your group. Yep, it's that EASY!

($45 for a 45 minute class - one to ten people may attend!)

Please contact Amie to book a class! 214.403.SKIN (7546)



Mary Y.

I took one of Amie’s FaceToneYoga classes over the summer and loved it, I do several exercises at red lights…just like she taught us in class; I might look funny to onlookers but my face feels great and the exercises make me giggle so I keep them up!

Ewa J. 

I love my private Yoga with Amie, we do her FaceToneYoga exercises throughout my class and I really think they’re working to tighten my neck!

Sara W.

Yay! FaceToneYoga is not to be missed; the exercises are fun, some challenging and Amie makes sure to throw in skincare and makeup tips so it’s a bonus to work with her. Excited to get these “virtual” classes started!


Amie's Contact Information:

    214-403-SKIN (7546)